We will deliver chopped firewood to your front door FREE of charge. We can deliver to the following places; Dvůr Králové, Úpice, Rtyně v Podkrkonoší, Žacléř, Hostinné, Vrchlabí and all surrounding towns and villages up to 25 km from Trutnov.

Sale of chopped firewood

Using firewood is one of the alternative options to heat up your house. It is also environmentally firiendly, works quickly and mainly is cheaper than standard gas or electric heating. What's more; the ashes can also be used as fertilizer.


How do I get firewood?

If you are thinking about heating up your home with firewood, but don't want to worry about the hard work of finding it and getting ready for use, then look no further. We can bring the firewood right to your doorstep. The only thing you have to do is place an order with us.


  • ekonomical heating option 
  • environmentally friendly 
  • high quality heating ability
  • ash can be used as fertilizer

Firewood storing

For best results, the wood should be stored in dry place for at least 1 year. This gives wood the opportunity to dry up naturally and lower moisture. This is why it is imperative to have enough supply well in advance.